Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Garden State Equality
February 2008

Listen to Garden State Equality's radio commercial about how civil unions don't work, produced by Tom Oppel of All Points Communications.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Jersey’s Chief Opponent of Marriage Equality Says Letting Same-Sex Couples Marry Would Not Affect His Marriage

New Jersey’s Chief Opponent of Marriage Equality Says Letting Same-Sex Couples Marry Would Not Affect His Marriage
February 20, 2008

New Jersey's chief opponent of marriage equality, John Tomicki of the New Jersey Coalition to Preserve and Protect Marriage, stated yesterday that marriage equality for same-sex couples would not affect his marriage. His sweeping, quite puzzled response, "Why would it?" demolishes the argument that ending discrimination in marriage would destroy the institution.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lizz goes one on one with Evan Wolfson

Lizz goes one one one with Evan Wolfson
Shoot the Messenger
February 11, 2008

Evan Wolfson breaks it down for the good folks at Shoot The Messenger. Shoot The Messenger is a satirical wrap-up of the week's news from the brain of Daily Show Co-creator Lizz Winstead. A live sketch-comedy show incorporating multi-media elements, it gives us the world as seen through the filters of the fictional producers and on-air talent at Wake-up World - America's first and only 6 hour Morning Show which is coincidentaly on 24/7 America's first and only infonewsment network.

42:03 min

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Evan Wolfson talks about Freedom to Marry Week on Coach Sappho's Live Podcast

Evan Wolfson on Freedom to Marry Week
Coach Sappho's Live Podcast
February 13, 2008
Wolfson discusses how Freedom to Marry Week is meant to prompt conversations about the inequality and exclusion that exists across our country, conversations we need to have every day of the week, every week of the year, until we end marriage discrimination. He notes there are a record number of actions and events taking place across the country with great press coverage and blog commentary. Wolfson also discusses the history of the marriage movement and the drive this year for the next state to win the freedom to marry.

60:00 min

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

WAMC New York Vox Pop: Governor Spitzer 2/12/08

In an hour-long call-in show called “Vox Pop” on WAMC Northeast Public Radio in Albany, Governor Spitzer talks about marriage equality. You can hear this three-minute discussion with “Vox Pop” host Alan Chartock beginning at 2’45” on the audio clip.

The Governor sharing his views in response to a caller named Phil who identified himself as man in his upper 70’s who has been in a relationship for over twenty years. He said about his partner and himself: “We Pay taxes, we vote, we pay our dues to our community.” His question for the Governor: “Do you have any sense that within our lifetimes the state will recognize our relationship so that we can benefit from the privileges and responsibilities that other married couples enjoy in New York State?”